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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I got my wisdom teeth removed two days ago and this is basically all that I've been through so far haha. I'll be back to my regular schedule once I make a full recovery!

Various scenarios of a girl with dark, long hair. The first is of a speech bubble that says "Aw our 'dishwasher' is out of service" with an angry face next to it. The second is a pot of soup captioned "the Asian grocery didn't have my favorite egg drop soup so I made my own." The third is the girl with a disappointed face, holding a cup of soup and cellphone with a series of texts next to it that says “Hey let’s have sushi!”, “OMG YAS”, “I’m so down”, “SLAY BAEFY”. The fourth is the girl muffling with gauzes in her mouth. The fifth is the girl posing on a couch captioned “riding that couch baby”. The last is the girl winking and making the peace sign with a tablet and pen on her lap captioned “drawing as we speak”.


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